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What is User-generated Content (UGC)?

Gàidhlig user-generated content (ugc) is at the heart of càrn. But what does this mean?

Simply put, 'user-generated' content is where the content has been published organically from individuals, this type of content is said to be the most ‘authentic’.

User-generated content can come in many different forms, such as pictures, videos, reviews, podcasts, amongst many others.

It is said that the algorithm favours authentic user-generated content and that this can be a successful 'engagement tool' on social media because it encourages "conversation and communities", where followers feel like they can get involved.

Hootsuite suggest that this is one of the main types of content that Gen-z enjoy because it feels more natural than influencer content, where a person has been paid to create the content.

For these reasons, user-generated content is at càrn's heart. We aim to showcase our strong and rich Gàidhlig community in a way that is organic and authentic, in order to encourage others and create new connections.

Are you interested in being a user-generated content creator? Read more on 'How to Become a UGC Creator'.

Clachan beaga, càrn mòr

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