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2023 Social Media Predictions

New year, new me - that's the phrase isn't it? We've talked previously about how social media is always moving and changing, and that won't be different in 2023. With that being said, we do think that there will be a shift from the way we know it at the moment.

Keep on reading to find out what we think will be engaging and trending on social media in 2023.


Moving away from trends

Over the last couple of years, following trends/using trending sounds have been a great way to get your content noticed. But, as we know, after a few days of each trend, our homepages become saturated with the same thing over and over. In 2023, it seems as though users are moving away from content like this, and are putting more effort and time into engaging with original content, such as stories or blogs. Why though? The content is more authentic.

We are not saying that you should avoid trends completely, but if that's your main content focus, perhaps this is the time to think about what other types of content you could bring to the table.

Using editing to tell a story

As mentioned above, we think we will be seeing more vlogs in 2023, but not in the way we are currently used to. Editing apps have become more advanced in the last year or so, which allows people to create vlogs and videos that are more complex, using editing in a creative, interesting way. And, because these apps are now so user-friendly, it means that anyone can give it a go, making this style more popular.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog, where we will discuss different editing apps and how they work.


Key Words and Search Engine Optimisation

We spoke about this briefly in our previous blog: optimizing your social media accounts in 2023, but key words and SEO are going to continue to be a major focus for search engines and social media platforms this year. As well as the hashtags that we know, using key words on top of your videos seems to be favourable for the algorithm and is something that will continue to be pushed in 2023.

You can watch our tutorial about how Key Words work on videos here:

LaterMedia have this helpful tip: Write a list of key words that you think is connected to your content/account, and give these ones a go to see how it all works.

YouTube Shorts

Another platform for short form content, another competitor for TikTok and Reels. Perhaps you're thinking, 'another platform for this? How many are there now?!'

It's quite difficult to keep up. But, perhaps we shouldn't sleep on YouTube Shorts in 2023.

Adweek estimate that YouTube Shorts currently receive up to 30B views a day. YouTube have recently announced further monetisation opportunities for creators and it can be a great way to push people towards watching your longer form content too.

We recommend using this opportunity to re-post your old/current content on YouTube shorts, to see how it works and to find out if it may be the right platform for you.

And that's our social media predictions for 2023. Do you have an idea of what will be the next big thing online?

Let us know! And remember, us #càrn on your content so that we don't miss it.



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