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Nithear càrn mòr à clachan beaga 


The aim of this project is to showcase and celebrate the strength and richness of the Gaelic digital community. At the heart of càrn is user generated content (ugc). càrn will re-platform Gaelic digital content on social media and here on the live wall. Use #càrn so that we can see your content!


 User guidelines:  


  • Don’t use our brand or logos without our permission  

  • Don’t use or mention our content in press releases and other marketing materials without our permission  


We may sometimes link to non-càrn sites: 


  • We don’t endorse the sites we link to 

  •  We’re not responsible for their content or liable for anything that happens  to you if you use them

Content Creators

càrn will contact you asking for permission to re-platform your content. By replying ‘Yes’, you are agreeing to the following: 

  1. You will retain full copyright and ownership of your content.  

  2. We may re-purpose short clips of your content as part of Càrn’s original content e.g. social media tips and tricks

  3. We may edit the dimensions of your content  to suit different platforms.

  4. Your content can be removed at any time on your request.  

  5. We will never share the personal information you provide to us without letting you know first. Read more on how we use your personal data in our Privacy policy.  

  6. We appreciate you sharing your content with us but we can’t pay you.  

  7. By replying ‘Yes’, you are giving us consent to share content from your Instagram/Facebook stories for a 24hr period.  



Thank you! Your message has been sent

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