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Starting a Gàidhlig account

The online Gaelic community is strong, creative and supportive, but there is always room for more people to create Gàidhlig content. Here are 3 recommendations to think about if you are thinking of creating content in Gàidhlig. 1) Subject Before you create your account, think about why you want to start one and what you want to talk about.

Create a short list of the kind of topics you would like to talk about. Think about genre, will it be Lifestyle? Fashion? Music? Travelling? For Learning? The Most Popular Blog Genres 2022 (according to Wix):

1. Food

2. Travel

3. Health and fitness

4. Lifestyle

5. Fashion and beauty

6. Photography

7. Personal

8. Craft & DIY

9. Parenting

10. Music When you have decided on a genre, you can then begin to think about possible sub-topics, and the kind of posts you would like to make, e.g. beauty: focusing on make-up or skincare? 2) Username

After thinking about a topic, you can start to think about choosing a username. Perhaps you want to pick a name that is connected to your subject, e.g. @ceartguleabhar for a reading account, or if you’re not sure yet, maybe you want to choose something more open so that you can post a mixture of content, for example, @craic_le_kellow. People may will begin to refer to you by your username, so make sure you like it!

If you are looking for ideas, try using this name generator tool.

Put in your key words and see what comes up.

3) Posting times We recommend preparing 3 posts in advance prior to posting your first post on your account. If you have a small buffer between posts, it will make things easier for you in the long run.

There is nothing worse than putting up your first post, you are excited, and then you don’t have time to prepare any other content so there is a big gap between. Prepare more than one post in advance and then you will have something to post while you prepare your new content. This will help if you plan to post consistently.

As we all know, the algorithm changes all the time and different social media blogs recommend different things with regards to optimised posting times.

For example, Hootsuite recommend posting between 9am-12pm during the week, but LaterMedia recommend posting at 7pm on a Sunday... In general, the consensus is that if your content is shareable, it doesn’t matter when you post as people will engage with it. Play around with it, and find out what works for you.

Things that you shouldn't think about: ·Thinking that people won’t like your blog – They will! Everyone is different, with different interests and situations. Someone will enjoy your content

·Thinking your Gàidhlig isn’t good enough – Everyone is at different levels of fluency, there is always opportunities to learn new words and develop language skills. You will be warmly welcomed, regardless if you are learning or fluent or a mixture

· Likes/Follows - Sometimes it can be difficult not to get caught up in the numbers, think about why you started your account, do it for you and people will engage with it Clachan beaga, càrn mòr

Remember to use #càrn on your posts, so we don’t miss out on your content


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