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What is stopping you from creating Gàidhlig content?

We asked, you answered. We asked you - if you have an interest in creating content in Gàidhlig, what is stopping you from doing so?

We got a few answers back, and here are some recommendations based on what issues were raised. We hope it might make it easier for you to start creating content.

“I don't have the technical skills”

There are many different features available through editing apps, sometimes it's tricky to get your head around them all as they all vary from app to app. Some are more complicated than others, and event he editing features on the social media apps themselves can have their issues. There are a couple of apps however, that we think are easier to use.

We like to use free apps like InShot or CapCut to create content.

InShot – InShot have all the basic editing features, set out in a user-friendly way. We like how it doesn't reduce the quality of the video when saving too. This app is free to use, although sometimes you have to watch an advert or two to unlock all the features while you use it!

CapCut – CapCut has been known primarily as the app to edit TikToks. They have thousands of user-generated templates, which makes it easier for people to quickly jump on a trend. They also have a large library of free music to use on your videos, as well as all the basic functions.

Keep an eye out for the templates you can use on Instagram Reels too, have a look at how these work here.

As well as editing apps, if you are planning on purchasing one or two things to help you with content creation, have a look at LaterMedia's blog here for more recommendations.

“My Gàidhlig isn't good enough”

Practice makes perfect. If you are interested in Gàidhlig content already, you will know that everyone is at different levels of fluency. We think that creating content is a good opportunity to improve your language skills and an opportunity to use them more frequently. There are plenty of resources to support your language learning, and this might be another way to help build your confidence by using Gàidhlig on social media.

Our top tip:

Don't think about it too much, people will enjoy your content regardless, and your confidence will increase over time.

“I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera”

The more often you do something, the more natural it will feel.

Before recording your planned content, practice speaking to the camera beforehand about a completely different topic, one you feel you know and are comfortable with. You will speak more naturally and then you can look back on the footage. Observe how you looked and the way you spoke and moved in front of the camera. You can then use what you've learned and apply it to your planned content. After a while, you will begin to speak to the camera as you would with a friend.

For more tips on how to feel confident in front of the camera, check out SproutSocial's recommendations here.

Your content doesn't need to be video based either. You can tell a story through pictures for example, which we are seeing more commonly at the moment. This type of content has been gaining popularity of late, particularly on TikTok as 'slideshows', which are a similar format to the familiar 'carousel' that we see on Instagram.

“I don't have enough time”

We understand this, there never feels like there is enough time in the day! But here are some recommendations which could be useful if you are short on time.

Write a list of content ideas in your notes as you go, that way, when you do have time, you have ideas to go to rather than sitting and spending time thinking about what you are going to make.

Create more than one piece of content at a time, or 'batch create' as its known. Put aside some time to do this and then you won't have to think about creating content again for a while, instead of making one piece of content each time.

Think about using platform schedulers such as Hootsuite or LaterMedia. You can prepare your content in advance and the platform will upload it for you at a time that suits you.

We hope that this will give you an idea or two about where to start, if you have an interest in content creation.

Have fun and if you create content, remember to tag us in it.

Use #càrn so we don't miss it!


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